The body can heal itself; it just needs the right encouragement. Instead of demanding of the body healthy behaviour, we harmonise the various physical systems with our thoughts, our imagination.

We need to change our alignment from inside out, through awareness and not by force which increases tension. Awareness of movement disperses tension.

Through yoga, we can try to be more mindful and connect with ourselves through inside, through our body awareness, coordination, and our ability to imagine and picture our own movement. We can learn the forgotten language of talking to our body-mind and discover the potential of the unconscious mind, and its creative and self-healing energies to allow optimal health and wellbeing in our life.

Your relaxation and strength will be anchored both in the body and the mind after your continued practice.

The ultimate goal of yoga is to get in touch with our soul and energy to the point where the external world had no effect on us. It can demand changes and sacrifices from the comfortable lives we live. Yoga actually makes us a lot more disciplined and conscious in our lives away from the mat.

You can either book your one to one (up to two people) session at the Lotus Studio or come to our group class on Tuesdays at St Mark’s School, Tunbridge Wells. The yoga classes run in courses during the school terms.





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