Chavutti Thirumal – Indian Rope Massage, Keralite Foot Massage


Chavutti is performed on a cotton covered memory foam mat on the floor.

I hold onto a rope for balance and use my feet to apply techniques ranging from rapid friction across the muscle fibers to long, sweeping therapeutic motions from fingers to toes.

The therapy is best performed with the recipient completely unclothed. You will be draped appropriately for your privacy and comfort during the entire session. Rest assured, your private areas will be covered at all times, and only the areas being worked on will be exposed. If you are uncomfortable removing all clothing to receive a massage, you may decide to wear as much clothing as you like. Just be aware that clothing limits the access to your skin, and so you will probably only receive compression to the clothed areas rather than the full massage treatment. Your comfort takes precedence above all, and I will adjust the treatment to meet your needs as much as possible if you choose to wear clothing or underwear during your session.

Your body is liberally doused with warm herb-infused Mahanaranyan oil with the therapist’s hands. The oil is a blend of 37 Ayurvedic herbs in a base of pure organic sesame oil. Ideally, people leave the oil on their skin for at least a few hours after a session. If you are unsure whether your system will tolerate the herb-infused oils, I have pure sesame oil on hand as an alternative. If you have a preference, please let me know before the session begins.

The massage begins using the feet and is finished with the use of the hands. The full body is treated and a session can last from 1½ – 2 hours. During this time you are asked to lay on your front and then on your back.

The pressure is firm to deep, but that does not necessarily mean pushing hard. Additionally, with the therapist’s body weight, the pressure is more effectively centered behind the point of contact, so I may lean in with more weight behind each stroke. Feet are broader and heavier boned than hands, so the depth of pressure applied is distributed across a wider point of contact that feels safe and comfortable.

A typical therapy session will include work on your back, neck and shoulders, ribs and chest, abdomen, arms, hips/gluteus, legs (front and back), feet, hands, head and face. If there are any areas of your body that you prefer not to have touched you should inform the therapist before your session begins. You should also tell your therapist if there are any areas of your body that are sore or tight and if you would like extra time and attention spent on those areas during your massage session.

While the primary therapeutic intention of Chavutti massage is to improve flexibility and muscle tone, this does not happen at the expense of the relaxation response. My priority is to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout your session, and to allow you to unplug and rest deeply in that space. I aim to work effectively and thoroughly, while maintaining a slow, soothing pace. Communication in the context of the treatment may be appropriate at times, but conversation will be kept to a minimum in order to allow you to go deep inside yourself.

Prior to the massage, feel free to ask me any questions about the technique or the upcoming session. During the massage, simply relax and let yourself feel heavy. Many people close their eyes and completely relax, indicating if or when they need more or less pressure, or to communicate anything else relevant to the session. If you have any questions pertaining to the massage session, always feel free to ask.

After receiving therapy most people feel very relaxed. Some experience freedom from long-term aches and pains developed from tension or repetitive activity. Improved flexibility results as adhesions are released. Full functional length is restored to the skeletal muscles, along with full range of motion to the body’s joints. People often report their bodies feeling free, comfortable, and deeply aligned after a session. They describe enhanced energy, increased motivation, heightened awareness, improved productivity, and greater happiness, which can last for days. Athletic types often report improved performance after only one session. It is always important to keep hydrated; hydrating well after a massage may allow you to notice the effects of your massage for a longer period of time.

Chavutti helps you to improve body image and encourages you to foster a sense of acceptance of your body. It links mental and physical aspects of the body. This integration encourages self-expression, extends the capacity for mental concentration and cultivates energy and inspiration. These are the ingredients for fulfilling those who need to keep their bodies supple and in tip-top condition.





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