Thai Foot Massage

thai-foot-massageThe massage is given fully clothed, with the recipient ideally wearing loose fitting clothing that can be taken up comfortably above the knee. The treatment is performed on a soft mat on the floor.

Thai Foot Massage is a treatment of the lower legs and feet that involves physically stretching and massaging to open Sen (energy). There are 10 major energy lines that run throughout the body from the top of the head down to the soles of the feet, where they end as pressure points. It is these lines that provide a map of the whole body and the organs. By stimulating these lines, we are able to encourage the mind and body to restore its own natural healthy balance, therefore keeping the whole body harmonized.

According to acupuncture and acupressure theory, there are 7,200 sensory nerve endings in each foot connected to the internal organs that spread throughout the body. Consequently, the massage is effective in stimulating the functions of the internal organs. The massage is without side effects, non-toxic nor harmful to health.



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