Feet, Hands & Head Treatment


Thai foot massage stimulates all the reflex zones to encourage energy flow, releases blockages, and stretches and relaxes the ankles and feet. Hands are a very important part of our body, yet we often don’t give them the same treatment we do to our legs, back or shoulders. Therefore, it is essential to give them a rest too and treat them for all the work they do for us.

On top of the treatment, the head massage will sooth you and you can enjoy great deep relaxation. It is an effective and very relaxing massage that feels wonderful to receive. The long lasting feeling of peace and serenity during and after the massage is something everyone should be able to enjoy and regular treatments can make this tranquillity part of the client’s everyday life.

The treatment is performed on a cotton covered memory foam mat on the floor. You will remain fully dressed throughout the treatment, so should wear fitted but comfortable clothing.





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