Thai Oil Massage


The treatment is performed on a cotton covered memory foam mat on the floor. I can use shiatsu cushions which allow your head to face downwards like on a massage couch. Less mobile people often find this method more comfortable. You will wear underwear and you will be covered by a towel.


Thai Oil Massage is a combination of acupressure therapy and deep tissue massage techniques, used together to encourage blood circulation and release tension. Poor circulation can lead to aches, pains and discomfort which can then lead to further problems. Massage in itself is useful at helping to promote healthy circulation which in turn eliminates toxins from the body and skin.

This treatment aims to unblock, balance and restore the body’s natural flow of Prana/Qi/Chi/Energy and so maintain equilibrium in all organs and systems within the body. This prevents poor health and disease and enables the body to heal itself and work efficiently.

The oil used in this massage has many benefits. It relaxes and tones the muscles, prevents dehydration, removes physical and mental stress, stimulates circulation, decreases anxiety and promotes better sleep. Some of the essential oils I use are orange which boosts circulation, juniper berry and grapefruit which eliminates toxins, patchouli which encourages the metabolism, an uplifting blend of bergamot which has positive effects on the mind, wild thyme which helps to stimulate the body into action, and wonderful light coconut which leaves the skin soft and locks in the essential oils.

For pregnant women, I use organic jojoba oil which is chemically very similar to human sebum. Cold pressed, unrefined organic jojoba oil is rich in its natural properties. It moisturises, nourishes and protects. Organic jojoba also has a natural SPF of 5 which further enhances its skin caring benefits.





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